Community + Partnership + Advocacy

Bringing together the powerful women of the cannabis industry. 


Supporting community, education, advocacy & partnerships.



Working within the cannabis industry is both rewarding and challenging. WEmpowered fosters community through our face to face events for women who are actively working to shape a new future for the industry.

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The cannabis industry is constantly shifting and evolving. WEmpowered events seek to educate women on new regulations and policies and create space for dialogue with local and state officials.

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If you are working within the cannabis industry, you are a cannabis advocate. WEmpowered shines a light on positive and constructive ways to advocate for progressive cannabis policies and regulations.

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In a rising tide, all boats rise. WEmpowered believes that partnerships are the key to success within the turbulent waters of the cannabis industry. Meet your friends, your competitors and work together.

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Women are leading and shaping today's cannabis industry. 

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Women Empowered. 

Female entrepreneurs within the cannabis industry need not be alone in facing the challenges of running a cannabis oriented business while also navigating the rough waters of changing policy and regulations.

Recognizing the power of women working closely together, is what led Andrea Brooks (founder of Sava) and Erin Gore (founder of Garden Society), Karli Warner (marketing/communications of Garden Society) and Pamela Hadfield (co founder of HelloMD) to start WEmpowered.

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